Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Training, Breathwork


Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Training, Breathwork


All services will be provided virtually, through a secure and HIPAA-compliant Zoom platform.

If you are ready to get started, you may send me an email through the contact form or leave a confidential voicemail at 617-682-9515 to initiate contact. I will do my best to return your message within 3 business days.

Unlock your capacity to overcome your anxiety and enhance your well-being through the following services:

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Your stress, anxiety, and worry challenges will be addressed using a thoughtful integration of  evidence-based  approaches including mindfulness, Polyvagal theory, Positive Psychology, hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology, and Cognitive-Behavioral techniques.

Mindfulness and Meditation

As a certified mindfulness teacher, I bring two decades of experience helping individuals and small groups learn the foundations of how to meditate and integrate mindfulness into everyday life.

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I am a certified breathwork coach and can help you  transform your breathing for optimal emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Hands holding people up; Support for therapists and professionals

Reduce your burnout risk and enhance your well-being with The Thriving Therapist, a comprehensive resource for sustainable self-care.

*I also specialize in working with highly sensitive individuals who feel and think deeply and may be more prone to overwhelm from everyday life experiences. You have many internal strengths waiting to be accessed. 

Support for Your Well-Being

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Benefit from free information and tools on a wide variety of topics including sleep, mindfulness, relationships, energy psychology and much more.

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Check out Dr. Hersh’s blog, Life Less Hard, for writings about happiness, loss, parenting, habits, mindfulness, stress, and a lot more.

Online Courses

Have you ever wanted a deeper dive into a topic that could help transform the way you live, breathe, relate, or take care of yourself, among other topics? I’ve got you covered.

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