Finding the Right Therapy/Therapist Match

Dr. Hersh specializes in anxiety concerns and/or diagnosed anxiety disorders including:

  • Pervasive and hard-to-control worries / Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Fear of the unknown and uncertainty of life
  • Social anxieties and social avoidance / Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Test or performance based anxiety
  • Fear of public speaking / Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Difficulty urinating in public (Shy bladder) / Paruresis
  • Specific fears (e.g., dark, heights, flying, driving, animals, vomit, choking, etc) / Specific Phobias
  • Panic attacks and avoidance of panic-inducing situations / Panic Disorder
  • Anxiety from uncomfortable bodily sensations / Agoraphobia
  • Heightened stress reactions to everyday events
  • Hard-to-manage intrusive/obsessive thoughts and repetitive compulsions / OCD

Dr. Hersh also helps with:

*If the individual seeking therapy is struggling with ongoing suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts or has recently made a suicide attempt, Dr. Hersh is not an optimal match due to the lack of consistent crisis management services. He will make every effort to refer you to the appropriate therapist or clinic for such difficulties.

*Similarly, Dr. Hersh does not see individuals who are experiencing severe depression, unmanaged Bipolar Disorder, or psychotic disorders. He will make every effort to refer you to the appropriate therapist or clinic for such difficulties.

General Philosophy of Psychotherapy

Dr. Hersh approaches therapy with a fundamental philosophy in mind: we all struggle, we all suffer, and we are so much more capable of working through and getting past these struggles when we gently acknowledge and honor our struggles (i.e., self-acceptance).

At the heart of it, life is made up of a continuously constructed chain of present moments. When we bring curiosity, openness, patience, and precision to a given moment, we are more empowered to choose how we act and respond. From this stance and state, we tend to find greater harmony with what is, greater capacity for joy, more (self) compassion, and a stronger capacity for resilience.

The layering of specific mind-body skills and practices on top of this foundation of mindfulness is where even more healing and growth can occur.

A crucial component to healing and growth from therapy is also found within the therapeutic relationship. I do my very best to take this both as seriously and lightly as I can so that those I work with feel heard, seen, and validated. The therapeutic relationship should never be underestimated.

Young black man doing a mindfulness meditation during online therapy session with Dr. Matt Hersh

Specific Approaches Used in Therapy

Woman leaning back on her chair using mindfulness as part of her psychotherapy session with Dr. Matt Hersh

Dr. Hersh can help individuals who are struggling with stress, anxiety, and worry to live a less burdened life. Through a collaborative therapeutic relationship, clients will learn to cultivate skills to relate to themselves and their experiences with greater mindful awareness, self-compassion, confidence, and curiosity. Overcoming anxiety-based challenges is accomplished with Dr. Hersh through the thoughtful integration of the following approaches:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Values-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (e.g., cognitive reframing, behavioral exposure)
  • Positive Psychology (e.g., strengths identification and utilization, gratitude practice)
  • Energy Psychology (EFT or “Tapping”; Comprehensive Energy Psychology [CEP])
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)
  • Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery
  • Use of Polyvagal Theory (Understanding how the nervous system is cause and symptom of both our struggles and our pathway toward greater well-being)

Ready to Get Started?

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