Mindfulness Training

learn skills to Heal and grow

Mindfulness Training

learn skills to Heal and grow

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Build the Vital Skills to Live a More Mindful Life

If you’re looking to build the vital skills to live a more mindful life, to learn the important foundations of meditation, or to dive more deeply into your meditation practice, Dr. Hersh can help you move toward your goals in a flexible and sustainable manner.

Through individual or small group virtual sessions, you will not only become a more compassionate and curious caretaker for yourself, but you’ll also develop the capacity to relate to the world more responsively and with greater peace, even when experiences outside of you feel chaotic and overwhelming.

Dr. Hersh has been teaching the foundations of mindfulness meditation since 2012 and has had a personal meditation practice since the early 2000s. You’re in the right place if you would like to pursue mindfulness training to both heal and to grow.

Middle aged woman practicing mindfulness training

*This type of training is not part of Dr. Hersh’s psychotherapy services. Rather, this mindfulness and meditation training is for educational and coaching purposes.

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