Path through the woods. Choose the life less hard.
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Matt Hersh, PhD

Dr. Matt Hersh holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with a specialization in child and family clinical psychology. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and mindfulness teacher in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with a private practice in the Boston area.

Welcome to my blog, Life Less Hard: The Art & Science of Mindful Living. I have conceptualized this blog as a way to communicate with the public about how we can live our lives with greater ease, with less suffering, with more joy, and with more purpose.

The title, Life Less Hard, implies that our lives are usually pretty tough. But the encouraging part is that we can do some pretty simple things each day to make our lives feel less hard and to even bring to life a much greater sense of joy and peace. The subtitle, The Art & Science of Mindful Living, implies that committing to a life well-lived is just as much an art as it is a science with rapidly building evidence behind it.

Mindful living is all about intentionally bringing our attention to the unfolding present moments with as much acceptance as possible. In essence, mindful living is about acknowledging that life naturally consists of ups and downs. And it’s about practicing riding those emotional waves with as much patience, curiosity, and willingness as possible. This does not mean that we have to completely embrace every wave’s dip or jump for joy at every wave’s crest. But when mindful living is practiced, it means that the dips don’t have to send us even further downward and that the crests can be “logged” into our minds and bodies as experiences to be grateful for or simply appreciated. And this means that we start to build resilience to cope with the harder parts of life and cultivate a greater capacity for joy for both the smaller and larger positives of life.

Please stay tuned for some interesting, practical, and evidence-based information about living the lives we all really want.

Enjoy, and be well,

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