Why should we learn how to breathe?

It seems like our bodies breathe just fine on their own. Indeed, they do! And thank goodness for that or else we would have to consciously remind ourselves to breathe in and out roughly 20,000 per day. That seems just a bit unworkable.

Our autonomic nervous system is a wonderous thing. It keeps our lungs breathing, our heart beating, our blood pressure regulated, and our digestion functioning properly – all beneath our conscious thinking. However, our nervous system is always sensing our internal and external environment for changes. Our breathing and heart rate may quicken due to anxious thinking despite no obvious “real” threat.

Our busy and stressful lifestyle may over-activate the sympathetic branch of our autonomic nervous system and create a chronic over-breathing phenomenon, which feeds back to our brain to release even more stress and anxiety hormones and other neurophysiological markers of threat, overwhelm, and fatigue. Sound sleep, capacity for calm, harmonious communication, optimal immune functioning, bright outlook – these are all signs of well-being that become compromised.

Young black woman with hands on her chest, practicing breathwork.

Conscious, Purposeful, and Strategic Breathing is the Answer

Young man with headphones practicing breathwork

As a certified YogaBody® Breathwork coach, Dr. Hersh helps individuals and small groups to befriend and empower their breath to give themselves one of the most vital and sustainable gifts possible.

You will learn the physiology of your breath, different types of breathing practices for a variety of circumstances, and how to easefully integrate breathwork into your daily life.

All breathwork sessions are conducted virtually through Zoom.

*This type of training is not part of Dr. Hersh’s psychotherapy services. Rather, this breathwork training is for educational and coaching purposes. 

Ready to Get Started?

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